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Want to create world class Embedded Systems, Calibration or Virtual Validation facilities?

How Remote Lab Access works

Purchase a lab course or just lab time on our shop. Receive your credentials, and you're all set to go!

Can Gannet help create a lab?

Sure! We already work with some of the best Engineering Universities. We can help you set up a world class Automotive Controls lab or Dyno facility.

Do you accept Interns?

Yes, we love working with smart interns. Drop us an email at

Do you do joint R&D

We collaborate with Universities and technical institutes. Contact us us with your proposal at

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Changing Automotive Engineering, one engineer at a time.

Empowering rapid innovation

Large, slow OEMs and Tier1s have traditionally controlled innovation in the automotive sector, but this is changing. Globally, the OEMs and Tier1s themselves are learning to function like Software companies due to the advent of Tesla, Uber, Google and others. In India, the accelerated adoption of Bharat Stage VI norms, NCAP norms, Electrification (FAME initiatives) and "Make in India" are creating churn.

Universities today require a bridge program to supplement their curriculum. Companies, both small and large, need access to large pools of self-driven engineers who come with an understanding of modern tools as well as methodologies. Gannet Application Engineering programs fill this gap.

Why Mechanical Engineering
Contrary to public perception, core mechanical engineering skills are never going out of date! Cars, Trucks, mining vehicles, construction vehicles, marine applications, defense, aeroplanes, spacecrafts, flying cars, the variety of mobility options on our planet only keep increasing. This is in spite of the reality of Electrification and Automation.
Why Controls Engineering
This is where it all comes together. Closeloop control involves a Control Unit, Sensors, Actuators (that control outputs) and understanding of how to analyze the plant (system to control). Today, controls development remains a highly specialized and highly sought after skill.

Gannet is here to help you understand how to be a versatile and hands-on controls engineer capable of handling tomorrow's engineering challenges.

Why Software Engineering
With the advent of advanced Data Analytics, proliferation of field and fleet data, and higher degrees of automated mobility (see SAE levels of driving Automation in cars), Software engineering assumes a great importance in the automotive industry.

Software knowledge is no longer limited to Computer science students, Wireless engineers or PC application developers but relevant to all automotive engineers. Equally, a software coder without domain expertise finds it hard to be useful in the automotive sector where safety is everything. Gannet helps bridge this gap.

Want breakthrough innovations?

"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

— Dr. Linus Pauling


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