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Calibration | Mechanical Engineering

Manjunath Peddakotla

Manjunath has 15 years of Automotive experience including at Caterpillar, Cummins, Continental, Mahindra & Mahindra. He is a thought leader at Gannet and conceptualized calG, Gannet’s innovative Calibration Platform product.

His areas of expertise include Engine Calibration, System Integration, Vehicle level validation and calibration, OBD, Design of experiments, Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicle System Integration and Numerical modeling techniques.

Manjunath has tapped into his rich experience to create original course content for Gannet Academy and periodically offers instructor-led training sessions, free webinars, and also lectures at Companies and Universities around the year.

Learn at your own Pace!

This course contains theory lectures as well as hands-on exercises. Course materials, scripts, software installation and instructions on obtaining the software required are included.

The learner will take quizes at various points through the course.

However Gannet Academy learners can always get in touch with questions, suggestions and feedback by writing in to Questions are usually answered within a day or two, and in some cases the instructor will schedule a 1:1 or invite a learner to a Webinar that covers relevant topics.

So learn at your own pace but you are never far away from expert guidance and a vibrant user community!


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Posted 2 months ago
Most practical yet least often taught concepts in EV!

Most EVs are redesigned ICE vehicles. Given this fact, this subject matter is critical to work productively in the EV industry. The insructor explains these topics in a very easy to understand manner, which will enable any automotive engineer to jump right into an electrification project.

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Shreejeet Tarale
Posted 10 months ago


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Parameshwar A
Posted 2 years ago
Informative course

This course is compactly packed with great quality of information. In this course, fundamental concepts required for electric and hybridization of vehicles were demonstrated. The terms and ideas were explained in simple words, making it easier to understand.

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Sonal Agarwal
Posted 2 years ago
A good short course!

Very nice explanation given for the different configurations of xEVs.

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