Electrified Powertrain Types and Architecture


This short course compresses all that you really need to know to get started with conversion of an IC Engine to an Electric or Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The focus is on the basics of both ICE and XEV powertrains, touching upon the key design considerations to focus on for your conversion from a performance perspective. This course does not cover the engineering drawing or CAD modeling aspects of the conversion.

Learning Objectives
This course covers

  • ICE Basics
  • EV Basics
  • HEV Basics
  • Configurations of EVs and HEVs
  • Replacement of ICE with Electric Motor
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Lesson Topic
IC Engines IC Engine Combustion
IC Engine - Power & Torque
IC Engine - Power curves
IC Engine - Power distribution
IC Engine - Energy losses
Electric Motors Electric Motors - performance curves
Electric Motors - Energy losses
Losses comparison - IC Engines Vs Electric Motor
Electric motors - power distribution
Replacement of IC Engine with Electric motor
HEV Configurations Configuration 1
Different HEV Configs
EV Configurations Different EV Configs


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