EV and HEV Auxiliary Systems


This short course provides basic insights on Auxiliary Systems for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. It is designed to help both the student and working professional gain familiarity with one of the key components of any Electric or Hybrid electric vehicle. By the end of the course, the student will be able to Fundamentals of typical components used in EV/HEV vehicles such as Cooling system components, Lubrication system components, A/C components, Pedals, PDUs, Dashboards and much more.

Learning Objectives
This course covers

  • Introduction to EV and HEV Auxiliary systems
  • Cooling System
  • Lubrication System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Safety System and Vehicle Control System
  • Dashboard and Display
  • Miscellaneous Hardware
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Lesson Topic
Overview Cooling system, Lubrication system, Air conditioning system, Dashboard and Vehicle control system
Cooling system Introduction
Functions of Cooling system
Cooling system components - Liquid cooling
Coolant pump
Thermostat, Radiator and fan
Heating system components - Liquid heating
Components comparison to ICE vehicles
Final requirements for cooling system
Lubrication system Lubrication system components
Air conditioning system Introduction
Functions of Air conditioning system
Components of Air conditioning system
Components - AC Compressor & Heater
Final requirements of Air conditioning system
Safety system Safety requirements for Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles
Electric vehicle Dashboard Dashboard requirements and Sample display unit
vehicle control system Peculiar requirements of ICE Vs EVs and Functions of VCU
Miscellaneous EV Hardware Foot pedals, Fuse box and Power distribution unit


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