EV and HEV Fundamentals


This is the EV and HEV Fundamentals Coursepack and it contains the following courses.

  1. EV Batteries
  2. EV Motors
  3. XEV Performance
  4. Electrification of ICE
  5. XEV Auxiliary Systems
  6. Charging Systems
  7. Electrified Powertrain Types and Architecture

Furhte rinformation is available on https://academy.gannetsolutions.com/xev-courses/



A set of 7 courses that cover EV & HEV Fundamentals, components, design, and more

This course will get you going on your Vehicle Electrification journey before taking our advanced courses. This Coursepack is highly recommended for ALL mechanical, electrical and automotive engineers looking for a career in vehicles!

You can get started with buying one or more smaller courses from the coursepack. If you like it, purchase all 7 courses, and drop us a note for a rebate.



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