Overview of the Automotive Control Systems Certificate Program

This certificate program consists of several courses, which can be taken individually or together. Our courses have an Application Engineering flavor, in that, students work with production capable hardware, implementing real world problems.

At Gannet you will learn how to create Controls algorithms for automotive applications the same way that experienced Automotive engineers in the very best companies around the world do it!


Overview of Courses

We have 5 Control Systems courses on offer from Gannet today. This forms part of Gannet's Control Systems certification program. 

In the course of this certificate program you will achieve the following.

1. Analyze control requirements. Understands basics of IC Engines, Electric Vehicles and Diagnostics.

2. Design and implenent modelbased software in Matlab/Simulink environment. The student will autocode the software, flash it on to an ECU and test the control system they have developed.

3. Perform Software-in-Loop, Model-In-Loop (XIL) simulations on the PC with advanced Virtual Validation software.

4. The above process is repeated for different types of applications: ECUs and Display units, for EVs and IC Engines.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students:

  1. become familiar with fundamentals of Automotive controls development as done by the industry
  2. Gain familiarization with Modelbased Software design best practices
  3. are given a brief overview of Automotive ECUs, Sensors and Actuators, wiring harnesses.
  4. understand how to read ECU and sensor/actuator datasheets.
  5. learn to analyze what kind of diagnostics are needed to make sure their controller does not damage the hardware components.
  6. learn how to build software that is calibratable, testable, and fundamentals of version control.
Lab requirements
This course is taught in the lab, not in a classroom. 4-10 students is the recommended class size.

Lab equipment: Oscilloscope, 2 or more multimeters, wires, soldering equipment, heat shrinks, wires, and other standard electronics equipment.

Raptor platform: Course is offered on the Raptor platform that can be purchased from Gannet. View the Raptor Training Kit.

Mathworks tools: this course requires the Mathworks toolchain for autocode generation. Every student is required to have access to Matlab/Simulink.

Contact us for help with setting up your controls lab!

Why Controls and which engineering industry does this apply to?

Control Systems Engineering is really where it all comes together! As products have more complex, the electronics content in a modern vehicle, airplane, spacecraft, and industrial have risen exponentially. Consequently, it has become very important to augment domain skills in the application area with the capability to build and test complex controls algorithms.

However, as you will find in our courses, this is need not be purely mathematical or highly difficult to achieve. It has more to do with gaining insight into how the application works, how to analyze requirements, a certain level of comfort with the most common tools used, and most importantly, experience with solving problems on real hardware.

Closeloop control typically involves a Control Unit, Sensors, Actuators (that control outputs) and understanding of how to analyze the plant (system to control). This is really regardless of whether the plant to be controlled is an ABS system, the engine, landing gear of an aircraft or a methane reactor for an industrial fuel cell! 

In this certficate program we focus specifically on the Automotive domain area. Therefore students aspiring to work in or already working in the Automotive industry are likely to find the material most topical. However other industry professionals or students taking this program will also find plenty of common approaches and techniques.


What Software will I need?

Matlab/Simulink is used for most courses. Other software such as Python, Modelon, Silver, etc are used for specific courses. Please refer to the course descriptions.

I cannot make it to Gannet Labs. What are my options?

We are working to make all our course material available ONLINE in two modes, Self Paced and Instructor Led. Also learn more about our Remote Lab option! (Coming soon)

Take me to the self paced courses!

Course 1: Automotive Control Systems Basics

Course 2: Matlab/Simulink basics

Course 3: Modelbased Software design for Automotive Controllers

Course 4: Advanced MBD development for Electric Vehicles

Course 5: Virtual Validation for Automotive Test Frontloading

I would like a shorter duration Instructor led course

Our instructors can re-structure our course on request. Topics can be modified, based upon the audience size, learning goals and considering experience levels of the students.

I have a large team. Are volume discounts available?

Recommended class sizes are under 10 students in order to give all students an opportunity to perform hands-on applications. The rates are not 'per head'. We do offer volume discounts for higher number of students by replacing hands-on lab with demonstrations and theory. Contact us to know more about this.



Virtual Lab

Access an ECU online from your home! Do handson experiments without investing in a lab.

Get your own ECU Kit

Build your own lab using our ECU Kits. Take courses from Gannet Academy or use our kits for self learning.

Plug and Play Hardware Kits for your lab or remote access from ours!

Gannet Lab Kits are made up of great products from World Class vendors, in very easy to use Packages. Your Plug & Play Kit is ready to use the day you open the box!

ECU Kits intended for real Applications

Our ECU Kits are of the same quality, robustness and high-end capability that you will find in the best vehicles from around the world. Which means that whatever you develop will be of production quality capable of going on real vehicles. 

Development for Display Units

VeeCAN hardware is more than just a display unit. These have enough I/O, processing power, and ruggedization to perform as controllers in a production application!

Application Engineering for innovative products

The Raptor DEV product line that Gannet uses for delivering course instruction supports a vast lineup of production capable hardware. These ECUs and displays have been used for hundreds of production applications around the world from cars to Construction equipment to one-off EV demonstrators.

Ganneters also have our own line of Application software which we supply to customers as "open models" that they can modify. Therefore, students who learn with our lineup of Raptor products and from Ganneters are learning the same skills that are being used by the global automotive industry to create innovative new products!

Facilities required

Mathworks Autocode toolchain: Matlab, Simulink, Matlab Coder, Simulink Coder, Stateflow, Embedded Coder
Oscilloscope, function generator, Multimeters, Power supplies
Soldering tools, Crimp tools, wires, and normal lab equipment.

Can we help set up your lab?

Gannet-designed labs cost a fraction of what OEMs routinely spend for their facilities today. But, by carefully selecting rapid prototyping and frontloading tools such as Raptor, Silver, your engineers & students will be able to churn out production-quality ECU software.

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