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CERTIFICATE Self-paced Instructor Led
Numerical Methods for Modeling and Optimization of IC Engines YES YES
ICE Calibration and Performance Foundation Program YES YES
ICE Calibration and Performance - Advanced Program In work YES
Vehicle Dynamics for Electric Vehicles In Work YES
XEV Foundation Program In work YES
Automotive Control Systems Foundation Program In work YES


Learning Paths

ICE Calibration & Powertrain
Course code Course Name



Numerical methods for Modeling and Optimization of IC Engines


MEA01 Online

Internal Combustion Engine Basic concepts for Engine calibration

MEA02 Online

Engine pollutants, their measurement principles and their reduction technologies
MEA03 Engine /vehicle testing
MEA04 Development cycles in Engine development
MEA05 Automotive Sensors
MEA06 Engine calibration & tradeoffs
MEA07 Deriving Engine level emission targets from Emissions Regulations
MEA08 Selection of Engine components
MEA09 Design of Experiments application
MEA10 Cost reduction strategies for Automotive sensors
MEA11 Different conditions that affect Engine performance
MEA12 Engine subsystems
MEA13 Engine performance  Simulations overview
MEA14 Engine Safety calibration overview

calG01 Online

CalG tutorials
calG02 Vehicle level Engine calibration with Plant modelling and calG
RCAL01 Data acquisiton system - Raptor cal overview
Electric & Hybrid Electric

Gannet offers industry's first vehicle dynamics certification specifically for Electrified vehicles "Vehicle Dynamics and Virtual Validation for Electric Vehicles". Contact us at to pre-register. 

This course will be online-self paced soon!


We also offer an XEV Foundation Course currently offered on-premises at select institutions. Please write to us if you would like to attend an online session.

Plant Modeling

Courses for Plant modeling are coming up!

Automotive Control Systems
Courses Name



CAN Basics Course from KVaser



CAN Protocol Basics

CON01 MATLAB/Simulink Basics
CON02 MATLAB/Simulink Application development
CON03 Modelbased Development for Automotive Controls
CON04 Advanced Automotive Controls and MBSD
CON05 On-board Diagnostics Algorithm Development
CON06 Virtual Validation and ECU Virtualization
CON07 Design considerations for xEV Supervisory Controls
CON08 Electric Vehicle Control Strategy development
CON09 Requirements Engineering Best Practices
CON10 Functional Safety for Automotive Applications
CON11 AUTOSAR fundamentals for Automotive


Tools Used in our Courses

Gannet Accelerated Calibration Platform


Modern automotive products are incredibly complex, with the complexity only set to grow as regulations get stricter and features increase. Physical infrastructure cannot increase proportionally to the rapid pace of innovation. Therefore Gannet has created an innovative calibration product that engineers use to move calibration work from the vehicle/dyno to the PC. We use this product to help engineers perform calibration tasks with plant models on the PC!

We offer steep discounts for teaching and research purposes. Students taking Gannet Academy courses get calG access for free during the course!

ECU Controls Development

The Raptor DEV product line that Gannet uses for delivering course instruction supports a vast lineup of production capable hardware. These ECUs and displays have been used for hundreds of production applications around the world from cars to Construction equipment to one-off EV demonstrators.

Ganneters also have our own line of Application software which we supply to customers as "open models" that they can modify. Therefore, students who learn with our lineup of Raptor products and from Ganneters are learning the same skills that are being used by the global automotive industry to create innovative new products!

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