Electric Vehicles Foundation Program

Our Foundation Program will help you gain a deep insight into Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles from the point of view of actually making one. All courses are taught by isntructors with decades of experience, and offered at prices anyone can afford! 

- 18 Instructoer masterclasses

- 7 Self Paced Online Courses

- 6 hands-on Experiments

- 1 Project 

Electric Future

LAB Remote Access from the comfort of your home!

- Plant Modeling!

- System Simulations!

-Work with real EV ECUs and CAN Hardware!

Hands-on assignments and project work.

EV and HEV Fundamentals - 7 Selfpaced courses at a onetime low price!

A set of 7 awesome courses that cover EV & HEV Fundamentals, components, design, and more at a LOW COST

This course will get you going on your Vehicle Electrification journey before taking our advanced courses. This Coursepack is highly recommended for ALL mechanical, electrical and automotive engineers looking for a career in vehicles!

XEV Fundamentals

Buy any of the 7 courses by going to the course page, or Purchase the coursepack at a one-time discounted price!

EV Batteries

Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Basics 

XEV Performance

Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles performance specifications

Electrified Powertrain Architectures

Power Sources, EV Powertrain Architecture, HEV Series & Parallel Architectures.

Electric Motors

Electric Motor types and tradeoffs between Different EV Motors, How to select a motor, How to Read datasheets. 

Electrification of ICE

Most EVs are ICE conversions! Learn how to approach a ICE to EV/HEV conversion project

Charging Systems

Charging System for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. DC-DC, DC-AC, Onboard etc

XEV Auxiliary Systems

Cooling System, A/C, Lubrication System, Safety System, Dashboard, Controls, Miscellaneous EV Hardware

Order a EV Kit for your home lab!

For those interested in Modelbased development, you can purchase one of our high capability EV kit, together with the Harness and USB-CAN device. All you need is a 12 V supply, and you're ready to work on your new Electric Vehicle ECU!

Contact us for training, wiring harness diagrams and anything else you need on academy@gannetsolutions.com


Learn Powertrain Concepts

We make sure you learn not only the buzzwords but truly understand the technology

Our courses cover not only Electric Motors and Batteries, but also how to achieve the desired vehicle performance, how to consider Vehicle dynamics for stability, how to do modelbased development on REAL ECUs, Plant Modeling for XEV, and much more!

Learn at your own pace

Our courses are optimized to work on any device

Simply register for any self-paced course and you can learn at your own pace, with your PC, Tablet or mobile phone! 

Achieve your goals

Whether you are a student or an experienced engineer, your goal is most likely to become future ready!

Gannet Courses help you achieve just that. Our courses are prepared by Industry experts who are actually working on these same areas very day. We help you learn the necessary concepts that are very hard to pick up in your University system or company. Keep learning, earn certificates, and get a competitive edge!

"Gannet made Electric Vehicles so Easy"

I spent years in IC Engine development and wanted to find self paced courses to learn about EVs while also focusing on my day job. Gannet's courses made it all so easy because they are taught in an engaging way. The videos are short and explain the concepts clearly step by step.

Automotive Tier1 employee


Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions

Gannet Academy faculty and teaching assistants are always ready to assist you!

Why are your courses cheaper than other EdTech?

Yes really, we are asked this! We priced it at a fraction of industry norms because we want a lot of students to be able to affortd it.

Can I take an instructor led class?

Sure. First make sure you're visiting our website often and have registered. You'll be informed of FREE webinars to attend. You may also keep an eye open for quarterly course offering by live instructors. Or feel free to write to academy@gannetsolutions.com to enquire.

Where are you located?

We are at Bangalore and Chennai, India

How long can I access my course?

Most of our courses are valid for 365 days. Some are lifetime access.

Can I speak with someone?

Of course. Please register for FREE on the website, and then drop in an email to academy@gannetsolutions.com. Someone will be in touch with you.

Do you offer projects?

Yes, we take interns from a number of Universities. Also we do have some courses which require remote access to our lab so you actually work with real hardware!

I am an instructor. Can we work together?

We keep adding instructors and vendors in our network. If you have the right experience and material, you're welcome to be a Ganneter!

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